The blow knocked the great black body clear across the corridor and horribly the gigantic sinuous shape whipped around it in glistening coils that hid it from view, and the snap and splintering of bones came plainly to Conan's ears. Let us go forth from these pits. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Before the savage blue eyes blazing murderously from beneath the crested, dented helmet, the boldest shrank. It was as if he had wandered into hell—a hell of Tsotha-lanti's making. The storming-towers, covered with raw bull-hides, rumbled forward. Pelias sauntered through the opened grille, and Conan crowded through behind him, sweat pouring from his body, shrinking away from the awful shape that slumped on sagging legs against the grate it held open.
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The Scarlet Citadel

Douglas Wilder , the Virginia Performing Arts Foundation announced on Wednesday that it would no longer be relying on funds from the City of Richmond for the construction But no throngs swarmed the white-paved streets to fling roses before the conqueror's hoofs. I must admit that "The Naked Citadel" has been the most enjoyable story we have read so far this year. Before midnight they crossed the Ophirean border and at dawn the spires of Khorshemish stood up gleaming and rose-tinted on the south-eastern horizon, the slim towers overawed by the grim scarlet citadel that at a distance was like a splash of bright blood in the sky. When he had first stirred, Conan had thought that by some incredible chance the eunuch was alive; but the man was dead—had been dead for hours. The Power of Pentecostalism and Essentialism R. Pelias seemed withdrawn and aloof here, one in cold unhuman greatness with the company of the stars.
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Straight through a thundering waste of foes he rode, and the knights of Koth closed in behind him, cutting him off from his warriors. Instead he takes the conflict down to a more human and approachable level and keeps the politics down to a minimum. The oliphants sounded, the steel-clad ranks drew up on the plain. He has written science fiction, military fiction, and fantasy. He saw looting and rioting, and men-at-arms whose shields bore the insignia of Pellia, manning the towers and swaggering through the markets. With a lion-like roar the Cimmerian parried the whistling blade, then dropping his own sword, gripped the prince and heaved him high above his head by crotch and neck. No infantry was a match for the wild Gundermen, whose homeland, the northern-most province of Aquilonia, was but a day's ride across the Bossonian marches from the borders of Cimmeria, and who, born and bred to battle, were the purest blood of all the Hyborian peoples.
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Cold sweat beaded his skin, as beyond the ring of dim light he saw a vague and colossal form, awful even in its indistinctness. I wouldn't take a quilt making class. Citadel had some major flaws. The people of Shamar saw the banners of Koth and Ophir, flying side by side, in the center, and made out, among their gleaming knights, the slim lethal figure of the golden-mailed Amalrus, and the squat black-armored form of Strabonus. In the streets the fighting milled and eddied, plumed helmets and steel caps tossed among the tousled heads and then vanished; swords hacked madly in a heaving forest of pikes, and over all rose the roar of the mob, shouts of acclaim mingling with screams of blood-lust and howls of agony.
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